Using external services

One of the core concepts of DevLess is the 'service'. When you create a data store, that is done within a service. However, you can also import services into DevLess. These additional services can provide extra functionality, which you then can use from your application.

You can use any installed service through the rules engine, by using JSON RPC or from within other services. This allows services to build on top of each other.


To install a service, you can either use the service hub or import it manually. The service hub contains a list of services maintained by the DevLess team and is accessible from the "Service Hub" tab in your DevLess UI. You can also manually import services using the "Migration" tool, which can also be found in your DevLess UI.

Video walkthrough

‚ÄčThis video talks more about how you can use services, with a case study of the Weather service.