Setting up DevLess



What will we do without Heroku?


  • You will need Docker installed.

  • Run the following command on your terminal or command prompt,docker run -p 4545:80 -d --restart always eddymens/devless.

  • You can visit http://localhost:4545 in your browser of choice.

  • You may change the port '4545' to whichever one you prefer provided its available.

Quick Try Out Option

NB: In case you still have troubles installing Docker on your machine (which is something that happens often for linux users), you may try DevLess out on Play with Docker.

Docker is already installed, all you need to do is:

  • First bypass the I'm not a robot captcha🙄

  • Next, click on + ADD NEW INSTANCE to gain access to a terminal with Docker already installed.

  • Now, run the following command on the terminal; `docker run -p 4545:80 -d --restart always eddymens/devless`.

  • You can now click on 4545 up at the top to open up DevLess.

By the way, Play with Docker provides you up to 4 hours to play around.

Don't you love Play with Docker already?

Installation Procedure

I will be honest and tell you the truth. This procedure is a pain😤.The last time I did a manual install was when I committed code for DevLess. Please, just use Docker or Heroku, only use manual install if you know your way around it. Please holla in case you've got this manual installation thing down. DevLess Slack. Look for @eddymens


  • Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLSRV)

  • An HTTP server

  • PHP 5.6.10 or greater

  • OpenSSL PHP Extension

  • MBstring PHP Extension

  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

  • Composer


If everything goes smoothly you should be able to access the setup screen at localhost:8000

If you will need extra help setting up you may check out the Laravel installation guide as the DevLess core is based on Laravel.