DevLess Status Codes





Sorry something went wrong with payload(check JSON format)

You should almost never see this error if you use DevLess via any of the SDKs . But if you ever use the raw Endpoints where you have to pass in JSON chances are you pass in a malformed JSON and you get this message.😐


Data type does not exist

In the event you ask DevLess to create you a table field with a type it doesn't understand it will yell at you with this message. DevLess data types


Reference column name does not exist

In the process of creating a relationship between two tables and you intentionally or unintentionally select a column that does not exist for referencing you get this error.


Database schema could not be created

DevLess works very hard to make things simple and as part of that sometimes it still has to work to make your life easier to the point sometimes it shuts up and work when its not feeling well. But when it breaks down in the middle of creating a new table and can't say it, it sends you this error.


Table could not be created

Same explanation as the above 👆


Service does not exist or you just misspelt it. Also be sure the service is set to active

Since Service names are case sensitive DevLess might not get it when you miss the case or misspell your service. Which in this case means the service does not exist as DevLess can't find it


No such resource, try (rpc db view or schema)

DevLess allows one to perform three major actions namely working with data belonging to a service known as db. Working with rpc for invoking classes from within DevLess and schema for creating tables. You will hardly encounter this error if you use the official DevLess SDKs. Also note that these are to be passed in as lower case


Created table successfully

In the event your table creation process was successful you get this message


Could not find the right DB method

So this message is likely to hit someone working on the internals of DevLess. This error arises in the event the DB method chosen does not belong to the following [query, create,update,delete]


Request method not supported

So there are a host of request method types . If you ever decide to send in a request using a request type outside of POST, GET,PATCH,DELETE you see DevLess is going to yell at you


Data has been added to the table successfully

You get this when your Data hits the DB


Query parameter does not exist

In the event where you manufacture your own query params and expect DevLess to understand them I will like to say you are too kind. List of query params


Table name is not set

This means you didn't pass in the table name parameter when working with DB action


Query parameter is not set

The query parameter you passed in the URL does match any within DevLess


Database has been deleted successfully

When your Data finally hits the Database


Parameters 'where' and 'data' not set

Chances are there is something wrong with your delete payload. check it out here


Delete action not set

Same explanation as the above 👆


There is something wrong with your field

When the field you have specified for logging in /signup is not identified by DevLess


No such table belongs to the service

When the name provided does not belong to the specified service


Validator type does not exist

So DevLess matches data types with validators . In the event the specified validation type specified does not exist DevLess yells. Contributors working on the core are more likely to see this compared to an ordinary user


Table was updated successfully

When you issue a record update and everything goes smoothly


Table could not be deleted

This hard one may arise when for some reason that was not captured a table fails to delete


Asset file could not be found

This means the file name you typed in is not available in the service folder . If you use the AssetPath($payload, 'filename') you will be fine most of the time


Token was updated successfully

This means your devless-token update was successful


Token could not be updated

This is the opposite of the above 👆


Sorry, this is not an open endpoint

This hmm. You shouldn't be seeing this message anytime soon.


Got response successfully

You will be seeing this message more often as you do more reads than writes


Saved script

You get this message each time you save a service rule


Sorry, no such resource exists or resource is set to private (you can take this from the Privacy Tab or from the rules section of that service)

When you try to use your service to get some data or make rpc and you get this it either means it set to private or its not been created yet


Sorry, user is not authenticated, try logging in

Yh this is what you get when you try to access data you are to login to get


Sorry, table could not be updated

For some reason not captured the table updates fails. Most likely the new changes are same as what already exists


failed to push JSON to file

During service exports a JSON representation of the service is generated and mostly due to folder permission issues DevLess is not able to write to file


Sorry access has been evoked (Please check app to see if your 'DevLess Token' match)

When DevLess discovers the token you have in your frontend does not match the one DevLess is aware of. You can confirm the token from the app section on DevLess


There is something wrong with your input field


Token has expired. Please try logging in again

This simply means you logged in sometime back went dormant and DevLess destroyed your JWT token


Seems the table does not exist

When you try to perform an operation on a table and the table does not exist 😂😂😂. . Anyways could be that you spelt it wrongly though


Sorry to use offset, you need to set size

So if you decide to get your data from an offset you will need to set the number of records you want as well . Well this forces you to paginate


Data / Table / field has been deleted

You get this when you delete either a record field or table. Don't ask me why this message shows for three operations.


Got RPC response successfully

So if your RPC request goes through successfully you get this message but then this doesn't mean the results of the RPC call will be positive


Sorry there is no such method or the method is set to private or protected

Yh so RPC allows you to access classes but based on the privacy clause set on the docstring of each method you may not get access to the method


Sorry, RPC can only be processed over POST

Based on the spec for RPC everything happens over a POST 🙂 and DevLess implements it as such


Sorry, there are no such related tables

When you lie to DevLess telling it table A is related to b and that it should get data from b this is what you get


Something is wrong with your payload

When you are about to add data via JSON and your payload is all wrong .Look up the right way from here.


There is no such method in Rules engine

Mostly you misspelt the method but append ->help() to the current action type to get the list of methods eg . if you are querying to beforeQuering()->help()


Sorry, your account is not active

This means the owner of the app which could be you has frozen user accounts


Seems user already exists

When you try to create a user that already exists


Sorry but you are not logged in as Admin

Somethings are for Admin only.🙂 . Get over it.


Seems your query params is malformed

When you pass anything in as query params. Two ways to avoid this: use the SDK or follow URL rules


Seems there is no such route/endpoint. Please check your urls

Shows up when you hit a route(URL) that does not exists


Internal system error

This captures all unforseen errors . Sometimes errors from within the core of the framework