For the 25+ years the web has existed, we have seen it evolve to become more than a publishing platform. Now we see the web supporting vast majority of businesses. We have also seen the tools surrounding the web evolve as well.

More and more businesses are moving online and the demand for solid and advanced tools to put these businesses online is on the rise. Also as developers we are flooded with more generic and open tools to build online platforms. These tools range from SDKs to web frameworks that can be used to build anything that lives on the web, most hardly focus on providing right out of the box what businesses need to bootstrap their online platforms. In short we keep building everything from the ground up for each platform we build and DevLess looks to change that.

We pick up the challenge and acknowledge the fact that:

  • Every business comes with unique requirements.

  • Although the underlying technology matters, business comes first.

  • The best tools provides harmony between developers and business owners.

With these assumptions, we set out to build DevLess an open source framework for bootstrapping your online business without the bells and whistles.

‚ÄčDevLess is an open source back-end as a service for mobile, web and IOT application developers to rapidly develop their back-end services and generate API endpoints with ease. You can check it out @

All that is required of the developer is to write the front-end code (JavaScript, Android[Java], iOS[Swift/Objective C], etc.) to consume the API endpoints. If the developer's required feature isn't available, he or she can build the service extensions and share with the world through the Service Hub.